Tuesday, March 17, 2015

First Week Working: Furniture Crafting, Jazz and Saxophones!

The first week is now behind it has gone nicely. In the beginning, our group of around twenty people was divided into four groups that went to work on in four different places in four different parts of the project.

The mission of the group I was in, was to furniture for the upcoming culture cafe. What has happened during the weekOur group has worked for six days, from 7-10 hours each day. Our work day starts usually at about nine in the morning and we worked quite non-stop apart one hour-two long lunch break in the afternoon. After working the whole day, some of us have also been doing some music playing with the local band for a few nights of the week!

The local band here in this village we live in consists of a two youngsters playing bass and drums, a mother playing the piano and an older guy playing the saxophone. I have been impressed by the fact that all the people in the band were really good players. In Siberia you have nothing else to do, joked one man from our group as we wondered how they could play so well!

One night we got an unique chance to visit the workshop of the saxophone player of the band. It was a workshop where he crafted mouthpieces for saxohphones - mouthpieces he would use himself of sell over to other musicians through the internet. As we came to the workshop I was struck by a beautiful ambient lightning and amazingly beuatiful jazz music!

Two things happened for me: as the guy started to show us around the one-room workshop, speaking Russian, I suddenly got this feeling that the I was in the middle of the game Metro 2033, it felt quite surreal. Another things that happened, was that I felt like a really heard and found and fell in love with the jazz music. It is funny: I have played jazz with piano for many years and I have also listened to it before, but never I have found this kind of beauty in the music.

And so I fell in love with jazz music in the middle of Siberia.

So all the week the local band had been training for their concert on Sunday evening. They were going to play their own songs for the whole village to hear. It was a fantastic night and dozens of people were in the audience, from children to elderly people.

Talk about a community, it felt like the whole village had come together for a moment of celebration! We were right there then cheering for the band and listening to the concert. And that is not all - we even got to play with the band as honoured guests at the end of their concert, which was really nice!

What else was thereOne evening we got a chance to go to the the local banja (sauna). Alghough the banja was a bit broken and it was not that warm inside it, the experience was still nice and I even challenged myself to roll in Siberian snow!

After the week of staying in this village it already feels for me like I have been here for ages. "Have I not lived here for some months alreydy?" I found myself wondering. But no, just one week it was. I quickly found it was to get used to the rhythm of everyday life in the village: wake up, eat breakfast, work, eat lunch, work, have free time, sleep, start over the next day.

It was really nice to also meet some local people outside the band. All in all, every person I have encountered here has been kind towards me. When meeting new people, I almost immediatly got the feeling of being accepted and celebrated and that feel really good.

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